Garden Box Summer Progress Update

Written by Nick Crawford

June has been an exciting month for Garden Box! Réna and I have been working really hard to make some progress and build up our community. Here's a brief overview of the things we've been up to:

🌿 Product Updates

Just a week ago, we opened up our checkout webpage to the lucky users who signed up for our beta program. The individuals who took the time to fill out our brief customer survey were contacted with the chance to buy a box. Since we're in beta right now, we're only charging our customers for the shipping cost of their box.

Réna and I were ecstatic to see 7 separate orders in just the first two hours after our announcement! Since then, we've been working bit-by-bit every day to pack our boxes and send them out to our customers. We have our suppliers all lined up for our packaging and seeds. If you've ordered a beta box, keep an eye on your email as you'll get notified when it ships.

🤓 Website Development

Behind the scenes, I've been working on converting our website from VueJS to NuxtJS. This helps make our website more visible to Google searches. This will really help us climb the "search engine ladder" and take a lead over our competitors. We've also been making progress on our payments system. We've decided to partner up with Braintree to begin handling credit card payments. Once we're approved by Braintree, we'll open up our official checkout page and begin our automatic monthly subscriptions. Keep an eye out for this new and improved checkout process in the coming weeks!

🌷 Garden Updates

Réna has been busy cataloguing our hundreds of seeds. As we grow as a company, the data that we collect about different plants will become very useful when sending out customized Garden Boxes. We've been testing all different kinds of plants to see what grows best. Réna is currently a part of two community gardens and takes care of a handful of different plots. (Every time she visits my house she brings more plants!).

Published on June 16th 2018. Last updated 8 months ago.