How to Grow Cucumbers

Written by Réna Wienclaw

Feed your salad topper needs by growing cucumbers at home. This excellent and easy growing vegetable is full of vitamins and minerals that can be a delight in infused water and home made pickles.

Planting & Care

  • Cucumbers are a tropical plant from Southern Asia, so they'll need soil that is about 70°F to produce lots of fruit. If it is too cold outside, they will be vulnerable to damage from the low temperature.
  • Plant the seeds 1/2"-1" deep in well draining soil.
  • The soil required for the full development of the vegetable should include organic matter like compost or manure.
  • The seeds should be spaced as the seed package directs. Cucumbers are viney and sprawl out when they hit their main growing phase, so it is important to give each plant enough space.
  • Correct spacing is needed so that the cucumber foliage has enough aeration and so the plant itself can absorb nutrients from the soil without competing with nearby plants.
  • Most cucumbers reach their fruiting stage around 8-12 weeks after planting.

Fun Facts & Issues to Consider

  • These veggies do not like to be transplanted. Directly sow them where you want them to go or start them in a decomposable seed starter.
  • Some cucumbers are more bushy and will spread vines out instead of up. Do some research on the variety you select to be sure you support it correctly with trellises, stakes, etc.
  • Cucumbers are mostly made of water, about 95%!
  • The foliage may get diseased if left too moist or water is poured directly on it. This is absolutely ironic because cucumbers need a lot of water to do well, but are sensitive to it on their spindly leaves.
  • Leaves of cucumbers are edible when they are young and eaten in moderation. But if overeaten they contain properties to make you vomit!
  • Remove any powdery mildewed leaves, or eaten ones from pests. The diseases from mildew and pests can easily spread a ruin a cucumber plant.

Personal Experience

These plants grow very quickly in the right conditions. They will begin climbing up and out so it's best to plan out a corner or section of the garden just for the inevitable take-over. I did not have a lot of space for the vines, so I formed a makeshift trellis to keep the vines out of the rest of my garden.

Published on October 10th 2018. Last updated 10 months ago.